Hi there and thanks for visiting!

Hmmm, what can I tell you about myself? On one side I’m a creative soul and on the other, completely OCD. So I guess it makes sense that I’ve ended up in a job where I get to be creative, but all the tiny little details really matter!

I love my job. I specialise in styled photo shoots, and occasionally I work on private events with a difference.

I love bringing old and pre-loved items back to life and use many found, thrifted and repurposed items in both my home and the shoots I style. I am a garage sale, thrift store and antique shop addict. I get ridiculously excited when I find something old, beautiful and useful. And I admit that not everything I buy ends up being that useful after all (shhh, don’t tell my husband!).

Because of this I also have a growing collection of props and vintage pieces and I love to use these charactered-filled pieces in the events and photo shoots that I style.

I live in Townsville, sunny North Queensland, in an old renovated (ok, mostly renovated – life is busy!) Queenslander with my incredibly supportive husband and two amazing kids. We have 7 chickens – 5 young ladies that have just started laying, and 2 old girls that we can’t bear to chop even though they haven’t laid an egg in months. We also have a huge veggie patch that we’re always wishing we had more time to tend. I love…patchwork quilts, stitched paper, bunting (all kinds), jute twine, cupcakes (who doesn’t??), baking, my daughter’s chubby cheeks, sewing, handmade loveliness, annual visits to our favourite working farm in the Atherton Tablelands… I could go on and on. But more than anything I love spending time just soaking up my kids and getting a glimpse of the world through their eyes. And I get high on doing creative photo shoots. Oh, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I also love sweets, particularly of the bakery kind…a little too much in fact.

“I believe that beautiful things have value simply because they make the world a more lovely place.”


Contact Karen on 0423 532 888 or email karen@carbineavenue.com.au

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