aargghh! a pirate party for my not-so-little man

We recently celebrated my son’s 5th birthday party with a pirate party in the backyard. I had lots of suggestions for him when we were discussing the theme of his party – all unique themes that presented lots of exciting styling opportunities for me. But alas, all he wanted was a pirate party, sigh! Oh well, we had a blast anyway.

I’m not one to go overboard (pun intended) with kids birthday parties – I don’t spend huge amounts of money on decorations and I don’t go nuts with over-styled tables. But my husband does have a bit of a thing for building big play structures for our kids parties, based on the party theme. Last year he built a rocket, the year before a plane. This year it was a pirate ship. He always builds these out of free or cheap recycled materials – this one was made from timber pallets, top-sheets from Bunnings (which you can get for a few dollars each), left-over hessian, and then painted with a mis-tint paint from Bunnings. All up I think this cost us $30. The kids LOVED it.

I decorated with scrap fabric bunting and timber crates, and made each of the kids a fabric pirate scarf to go with their swords and eye patches.

When I asked the birthday boy what sort of cake he wanted he said ‘donuts’. Hmmm. I had wanted to attempt a pirate ship but all he wanted was donuts. So to compromise I made a basic round cake, put donuts all over the outside, and placed a gorgeous pirate ship cake topper (made by Mel from Paper and String) on top. Easiest cake I’ve ever made.

Photos taken by my lovely friend Honey from Insight Creative.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy. Love you to the moon and back xo


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