a trip to the salon

My friend Honey from Insight Creative and I love coming up with ideas for fun shoots to do together. Photoshoots like this allow me to try something different, indulge my creative craziness and just do whatever pops into my head.

We were thinking about what we could do in the lead up to Mother’s Day this year and I came up with the idea of a mother and daughter trip to the salon. And just to jazz things up a bit, let’s give it a 1950’s/60’s look.

Luckily we have some amazing contacts here in Townsville and I was able to source stunning dresses and shoes from local store Vintage Rose, have hair done by the fabulous girls at Tiki on Ackers, and beautiful make-up by Balance Beauty and Makeup Artistry. I also scoured the city and was able to find some incredible genuine hairdressing props from the 1950’s and 60’s.

And seriously, how adorable is our littlest model, Olive? Soooo cute!!

Enjoy! (beautiful images by Insight Creative)

Wishing all the Mamas out there a Happy Mother’s Day for next month 🙂


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