wishing you an egg-cellent easter!

Hard to believe that Easter is almost here again. I hope you all enjoy some special time with your family and loved ones. I am very much looking forward to some time off and visits from both sets of Grandparents. This time of year is extra special for us as we also celebrate my baby girl’s birthday – she was our best ever Easter present two years ago.

Here are some photographs of a little shoot I did with Honey from Insight Creative to get you in the Easter groove.

Like many of us I have fond memories of dyeing eggs at Easter time when I was a child. For me it evokes memories of a simpler time, when life was a bit slower and we had time to enjoy the simple act of dyeing an egg!

With this little shoot I wanted to give it an uncomplicated, nostalgic feel and capture these sweet sisters enjoying this activity together. In keeping with the theme I went with all natural dyes for the eggs so that the colours would be more earthy and muted, and kept the props and background basic.

Sweet images by Insight Creative.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter!

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