emmerson & lacey

Cousins Emmerson and Lacey are just 3 weeks apart and the best of friends (well, most of the time anyway!). This cute little shoot was a special one for me as one is my darling daughter and the other my sweet neice!

When styling a shoot like this I like to use themes and/or elements that really mean something to the people being photographed, and this one was no different. I found this dresser at a local op shop and grabbed it because it reminded me of the one my mother had in her room when my sister and I were little. I used to love that dresser, with it’s pretty curved metal stool that my mother would sit on while she did her hair and make up.

The old photographs you can see stuck to the mirror are photos of my sister and I as kids.

I hope that these photographs are ones that Emmerson and Lacey will treasure when they are older.

Photography by the talented ladies at Insight Creative.

This clock belonged to Emmerson’s Great-grandmother ♥

One thought on “emmerson & lacey

  1. Karen all of this is soooo beautiful! How amazing to be able to come up with those ideas. Well done you. Emmerson looks gorgeous.

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