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Our little family of four just returned from a holiday down South – we visited Brisbane briefly but spent most of our time on my parent’s farm just outside of Maryborough. It’s such a beautiful part of the country and we love visiting – if only it wasn’t so far to drive!

While we were there we celebrated my baby girl’s 3rd birthday. She is a real girly-girl and loves pink, fairies, princesses, ballet, you name it. So I went with a pink princess theme. I kept things really simple – family only, a basic cake, and a touch of decorating. I had to improvise quite a bit with this party, being away from home, but she had a ball and that’s all that matters.

Emme's 3rd Birthday Collage

I was super keen to do some op-shopping while I was away, visit a few antique and second-hand stores, and I did get to a few. But I was disappointed with most of them. There used to be a huge old second-hand junk shop in Maryborough town called The Bowerbird, housed in the old flour mill. But sadly it has closed now. I took a drive by anyway, because the building is quite simply, amazing.




I did manage to pick up a few bits and pieces in our travels. Whenever I bring these things home I’m always amazed at how they somehow seem to just go together. The colour scheme is generally the same, the items compliment each other…how that happens I’m not really sure. Maybe it’s the mood I’m in while I’m on that trip? Who knows…




I don’t know why but I really like these wooden handled knives and forks, I love the way the timber has aged differently on each one…


And I loved the colours in this old piece of fabric…


We had a great trip but as always I’m so glad to be home. A few iPhone snaps to finish off…

Holiday snaps1

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter break ~ Karen :)


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